Erica. 25.
Love for elephants, crafts, science, quotes, travel.
Growing, changing, adapting.


I used to say “If I have this thing or go to this place or hang out with these people, then I will be happy. Then things will change and be good.” but you can’t think like that. You can’t base all your happiness and good feeling on one thing/event/person. It’s all in your mind. Be happy now. Be happy today. It doesn’t have to be an overflowing happiness that bubbles out through infinite smiles. It’s an awareness. Every morning I started thinking “Today I will find one thing to be happy about.” and eventually it turned into two things, three things, until I was just happy. Just be. Live now. Don’t live your future before it happens. And it’s ok to NOT be happy. Embrace that too. Just don’t tell yourself that you’ll be happy again when a certain event falls into place. You may find yourself pushing happiness away.